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Big Data Architecture and Design

In the age of the internet, information at your organization is power. Enormous amounts of data are generated every day, providing us the ability to understand complex systems in ways that were never before possible. Big data is difficult to work with using most relational database management systems and desktop statistics and visualization packages, requiring instead exceptional technologies to efficiently process large quantities of data within tolerable elapsed times. Developing Big Data applications for today’s real-world business processes can be extremely complex because of the nature of processing, variety of systems and number of data sources involved. At FwdData, we will design, plan and build solutions based on Hadoop and noSQL database to meet your mission critical needs. Our Big Data architecture will allow us to provide Data Infrastructure, Data Services, Data Management as well as Data Security to your business needs. We will utilize open source Big Data technologies, noSQL database as well as Service Oriented Architecture to build a robust big data solution Big Data as-a-Service(BDaaS) for your organization.

Hadoop Ecosystem Installation and Configuration

Big data is here to stay and continue to change the world. Big data technology gathers, stores and analyzes this huge amount of information, which is generally on the petabyte scale. What is the software behind all of this? What keeps the big data technology up and running? It is the Hadoop Ecosystem. The Hadoop platform was designed to store and manage and run analytics on a lot of data — a mixture of complex and unstructured data. At FwdData, we are expert to build Hadoop Ecosystem including Hadoop cluster installation and administration. First, we will identify current features of your organization's computing systems that motivate a system like Apache Hadoop. Second, we will classify major goals of HDFS Design and identify appropriate use case for HDFS Federation. Next we will plan hardware and network topologies as well as operating system for Hadoop cluster. To reduce your cost and achieve the best goals, we use open source operating system such as Centos for Hadoop cluster installation.

Data migration to the Big Data Platform

As the volume and variety of data keeps flowing into your organization, so too does the need to move and reconcile data across your systems. Your existing data might exist in the relational database, Excel spreadsheets or flat files across a wide variety of systems, we can move and reconcile them into a centralized Hadoop Ecosystem easily and affordably to help your organization optimize the value of your data resources. It is time to take the first step to low-cost, high-value data migration services for your organization

Data Analytics to build Insight for Better Enterprise Decisions

New technologies are collecting more data than ever before, yet many organizations are still looking for better ways to obtain value from their data and compete in the marketplace. Big data analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data of a variety of types (big data) to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information. With Big data analytics, we can evaluate your large volumes of transaction data and other data sources, which might be left untapped by traditional business intelligence (BI) systems. The technologies we use for big data analytics include Hadoop, MapReduce and NoSQL databases. These technologies constitute the central part of an open-source software framework, which facilitates huge data sets processing over clustered systems. At FwdData, our mission is simple, we unlock and help our clients better understand their Big Data and create repeatable and scalable solutions to capitalize more fully on the Big Data being generated.

Real Time Processing with Your Enterprise Data

If your organization has a need for real-time big data processing, Apache Spark is what you need on top of Hadoop. Apache Spark is a cutting edge technology for lightning fast cluster computing. It is an open source cluster computing environment similar to Hadoop, but Spark enables in-memory distributed datasets that optimize iterative workloads in addition to interactive queries. Apache Spark can deal with batch data, real time, streaming, SQL on Hadoop, Graph processing and Machine learning. At FwdData, We help your organization with setup of complex analytical computations using Apache Spark. Why wait? You can only try it to see how powerful it is!